ICCMS 2017

27-29th December 2017, HYDERABAD, INDIA.

Semi - Plenary Speakers

Semi-Plenary Speaker Title of the Talk
Prof. R. C. Batra
Virginia Tech, USA.
Material Tailoring of Functionally Graded Materials/Structures
Prof. Tarun Kant
IIT Bombay.
Macro-mechanics of Laminated Functionally Graded Composites
Dr. R K Gupta
Outstanding Scientist & Associate Director,
Composites for Strategic Defence Applications
Prof. Arun Srinivasa
Texas A&M University, USA.
On the Simulation of Tearing and Fracture or brittle materials using a Novel Graph Based FEA approach
Prof. J. Srinivasa Rao
Altair Engineering, Bangalore
Composite Aircraft Wing for 70-Seater Aircraft from Topology Optimisation
Prof. C. S. Upadhyay
IIT Kanpur.
Micro-mechanics to macro-behavior: Issues in modeling of polymer matrix composites
Prof. Arun Shukla
Univ. of Rhode Island, USA.
Dynamic Instabilities in Composite Underwater Structures
Prof. Santosh Kapuria
Director SERC Chennai, IIT Delhi.
Free Edge Stress Field in Elastic and Smart Piezoelectric Composite Laminates: Bonding Imperfection Effects and Control
Prof. Debasish Roy
IISc Bangalore.
Modelling Pseudo-ductility in CFRP Composites
Prof. S. Gopalakrishnan
IISc Bangalore.
Wave Motion in Suture Waveguides
Prof. Puneet Mahajan
IIT Delhi.
Multiscale Modeling of Low Velocity Impact of Composites
Prof. M. S. Sivakumar
IIT Madras.
Towards a general approach to large deflection of beams spanning multiple length scales, materials and conditions
Prof. C. Lakshmana Rao
IIT Madras.
Mechanics of Shirodhara treatment
Prof. Ramesh Talreja
Texas A&M, USA.
Multiscale Mechanisms-based Modeling of Failure in Composite Materials
Prof. Andrey Nasedkin
SFU, Russia.
About different models of Porous Piezoelectric composites with Metallized pore surfaces
Prof. Chongmin Song
UNSW, Australia
Towards Fully Automatic Integration of Geometric Models in Computational Stress Analysis Using Scaled Boundary Finite Elements
Prof. P. Nithiarasu
Swansea University, UK.
Integrating Cellular Ca2+ Dynamics into an Arterial wall structural model
Prof. B. Dattaguru
IISc Bangalore.
Prognostic Analysis of Certain Defects in Laminated Composites and Joints
Prof. B. Nageswara Rao
IIT Madras.
Uncertainty Analysis of Structures with Mixed Uncertainties
Prof. Ramulu Mamidala
University Of Washington, USA.
Machined Surface Integrity Effects on the Strength Properties, Damage Evolution and Fatigue Strength of Composite Laminates
Prof. Pedro P. Camanho
Universidade do Porto, Portugal.
Development of Non-conventional polymer composite materials
Prof. Velmurugan
IIT Madras.
Dynamic Characterization Studies of Metallic and Non-metallic materials
Prof. Liqun Tang
South China Univ. of Tech, China.
Challenges in Experimental Characterization of Hydrogels
Dr. Nagesh R Iyer
IIT Dharwad
Pre-engineered Steel-Foam Concrete Composite Panels for Fast Construction
Prof. LIM, C.W.
City Univ. of Hong Kong, China.
Thermo-Acoustic Radiation of Free-standing Nano-thin Film in Viscous Fluid