ICCMS 2017

27-29th December 2017, HYDERABAD, INDIA.

Invited Speakers

Invited Speaker Title of the Talk
Prof.P. Venkitanarayanan
IIT Kanpur.
In‐plane Tensile Response of Fiber Metal Laminates at Quasi Static and High Strain Rates
Prof. M. Ramachandra Bhat
IISc Bangalore.
Non-Destructive Evaluation & Health Monitoring of Advanced Composite Structures : Some Challenges
Dr. D. Roy Mahapatra
IISc Bangalore.
Multiscale Modelling of Alloy Microstructure
Dr. Samikkannu Raja
NAL, Bangalore
Development of Multifunctional Composites with Nano Inclusions for Aerospace Structural and Biomedical Applications
Dr. Mokarram Hossain
Swansea University, UK.
Thermo-mechanics of electro-active polymers
Texas A&M University, Qatar.
Torsional Vibration of Size-dependent Viscoelastic Rods using Nonlocal Strain and Velocity Gradient Theory
Prof. Inderdeep Singh
IIT Roorkee.
Injection Molding of Natural Fiber Based Composites
Dr. Anupam Chakrabarthi
IIT Roorkee.
Finite Element Analysis of laminated composite and sandwich structures using refined shear deformation theories
Dr. Bill C. Nickerson
Office of Naval Research, USA
Composites Research Investments to Improve Affordability and Readiness of Naval Air Platforms
Dr. Anna Nasedkina
SFU, Russia.
Finite Element Homogenization of Bulk Mixture Thermoelastic Composites with Interface Effects
Dr. Vinu Unnikrishnan
University of Alabama, USA.
Anisotropic Characterization of Soft Bio-Composites
Dr. Gopal Rai
R&M International.
Life cycle assessment of Rehabilitated Structure for Decade with case study
Dr. Sushma Santapuri
IIT Delhi.
Mathematical Modeling of Magnetostrictive Material Based Structures
Dr. Manoj Pandey
IIT Madras.
Statistical Modeling of fracture in NACRE
Dr. Rajib Chowdhury
IIT Roorkee.
Graphene based Nanocomposites
Dr. B. P. Gautham
TCS Research, Pune.
Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) for composite structures and materials using PREMAP platform
Dr. Kumar Shanmugam
Masdar Institute, Abu Dhabi.
New Performance and Functionalities of Engineered Multi-materials Enabled by Additive Manufacturing and Nano engineering
Dr. Vijaya Rangari
Tuskegee University, USA.
Biosourced nanoparticles for biodegradable polymer filler applictions
Dr. K. Veera Brahmam
ASL, DRDO, Hyderabad.
Development of Life Prediction methodology for Composite Structures
Dr. C. M. Manjunatha
NAL, Bangalore.
Polymer Nanocomposites: Fatigue Immune Structural Materials
Dr. Nagaraja Iyyer
Three dimensional modeling of effects of fiber waviness, voids and interface properties on ultimate strength of composite laminates
Dr. Idapalapati Sridhar
NTU, Singapore
Fracture of Composites and Adhesively bonded joints under Bi-axial loading conditions
Dr. Manoj Kumar Buragohain
ASL (DRDO), Hyderabad.
Composite Product Development – An Integrated Approach
Dr. K. V. Nagendra Gopal
IIT Madras.
Some analytical and semi-analytical techniques for static and dynamic response of layered and sandwich panels using exact three-dimensional governing equations